Friday, November 20, 2015

25 Billion Apps

The Apple company is holding a contest where the lucky person who downloads the 25 billionth app off the App Store wins a 10,000 dollar iTunes card. If someone wanted to win, the best thing to do would be to start downloading as many apps as possible before the time of the contest is over. But how do you know when to start downloading? We know the amount of downloads that happened between the times 6:27 PM and 6:42 PM. With this information, we will find the exact date and time in which the contest will end.

With the research I have conducted, I believe that we should start bombarding the app store with downloads on Saturday, March 4, at 4:15 A.M. Pacific time. To back up this statement, I have done some math. First, you need to find how many downloads are left until 25 billion. to find this, you subtract the amount of downloads at 6:42 PM from 25 billion, 24,659,020,287-25,000,000,000. You should get 340,979,713 downloads left. You then need to find the average amount of downloads per minute in the time between 6:27 PM to 6:42 PM. To do this, you must subtract the number of downloads at 6:27 from the amount of downloads at 6:42, 24,659,020,287-24,658,507,655. You should get 512,632 downloads. Then, find how many downloads per minute by the number of minutes, 512,632 divided by 16. The answer is 32,040 downloads per minute. Now find downloads per hour by multiplying that by 60. You should get 1,922,400. Then find downloads per day by multiplying that by 24. You should get 46,137,600. Now, divide the number of download left by the number of downloads per day, 340,979,713 divided by 46,137,600. you should get 7.39, or 7.4. The 7 means that there are 7 days left until the contest is over. To find the time, use the decimal. .4 equals about 8 hours, and half a day is 12 hours. To find how many hours it actually is, find the number in between 8 and 12. Which would equal 10 hours. Now, add 10 more hours to 6:42 PM. The time will be 4:42 AM. To find the day, just add 7 more days to February 24, which would be March 3. The answer would be March 3rd, but because the time in 4:42 AM, the day ticks over to March 4th. To find what day of the week just go 8 more days forward from Friday. So, the time the contest will end is Saturday, March 4, at 4:42 AM.

Now, as far as the actual contest goes, this is just a rough estimate. It is very likely that the number of downloads will fluctuate at certain times. Based on this data, if i were to take part in the contest, I would start spamming the app store at 4:15 AM EST because it will give some time to download a lot of apps, but I wouldn’t be starting too early either. The actual time from this estimate, though, is Saturday, March 4, at 4:42 AM Pacific time. Congratulations to the person that actually won.

Here's some visual instruction:


  1. I really like how you added pictures showing how you found what time it ended¡

  2. I really like your pictures. I also liked the pictures that showed your work on the board.